New gamepass and gamepass icon style

Hi there. I am made gamepass and game design, can you give feedback please?

Game icon


I can make for 15 robux gamepass
and 10 icon.


I really like the style of these! Two things tho:
The fast food sim thumbnail has like too many textures/theres a lot going on, maybe stick with a certain theme textures/colors.
If you post on here, its recommended you put a watermark :slight_smile:

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If I remember rating is against dev forum rules :sweat_smile:
rule 7.2(Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum)

The icons are great but of course, there is always room for improvements, I suggest not using free vector icons and make your own because once you got it you will be able to make anything out of your mind. In the second Icon, the text looks kind of messed up I get that you are trying to add some textures and variety to the icon but I think it’s just too much. Try getting inspired by other gamepass icons. :slight_smile:

Overall it’s great :happy3:


The vip Gamepass doesn’t look centered and the texture of the word is weird.
The background for the icon weird and same thing for the textures of the words.