New gamepass system messing up gamepasses

I’m having a very weird issue in my game. On the only gamepass I have in the game (which was created yesterday so it’s using the new id system), the thumbnail is completely invisible when you prompt purchase and instead of saying “Game pass” it says “product” when you prompt the player to purchase it. Whenever I prompt the user (using PromptGamePassPurchase) in a test server or the live game to buy the pass, it gives me this:image
Here’s the url to the “non-existant gamepass”: dopnt use - Roblox

Whenever you do buy this (or cancel the prompt), it doesn’t fire the PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished event that I have connected 2 times on the server side (neither of the 2 fire). In play solo mode, it works perfectly fine.

Also, PlayerHasPass doesn’t detect that the player has the pass.

Someone else also has a similar issue: Gamepass purchase prompt window shows wrong thumbnail - #4 by EncodedLua



I’ve been having similar issues and I was actually wondering if this is a studio issue. I have yet to test it in-game.

I know this doesn’t help because your gamepass is a new gamepass, but pre-update gamepasses still work with PlayerOwnsAsset flawlessly (if anyone else needs a workaround/doesn’t want to update yet).


Update more than 3 weeks later

Bug is still happening on a very newly created game and with a gamepass I made today: image


Still getting this error even though it’s a perfectly legitimate gamepass: image x2 Gather - Roblox

3 MORE weeks later, same problem still happening in a game I first created less than a week ago:


Game still says auto rebirth is a product
I’m part of the roblox beta program if that helps figure out why this is happening, but it’s been happening for well over a month and I can’t add any gamepasses to my games because of this.
Server does not acknowledge the fact that the player bought the pass when they buy it in studio.
Happens in both play solo and test servers.

EDIT: So I found out just today that MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync existed. Use this instead of PlayerHasPass if you’re having the problem I am until they fix GamePassService.

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