New GFX and thumbnail I made!

Hey guys! I’ve recently made an game logo and thumbnail for my group! Please give me feedback if it’s good or how I could improve it!

Also it’s my 2nd making something in blender so I’m still learning much! :blush:


I can’t really tell what’s lighting up in the background since it’s so bright. It looks like three stars in the background

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It doesn’t looks like three stars, I meant that is bloom basically so.
EDIT : There’s houses and bloom makes it look like that.

I’m just saying it’s too bright and probably should be turned down

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It’s nice maybe add more lightning to the avatar since it’s too dark.

I’d suggest using actual models for your background rather than just an HDRI, ideally you should only be using HDRIs for lighting and a sky, not backdrops.

Background overwhelms the basic focus of the picture which is suppose to be that dude with the gun. You should minimize the lighting a little since it overpowers.

Looking great! Although the lights are a bit too bright and the lighting doesn’t match it. But keep trying! This is a great gfx for your second time!

Looks pretty good, but as everyone else is saying the bloom is a tad overkill. and you can hardly see the character.

Should I also make my portfolio and work someone or I shouldn’t and just improve ?

Personally I would add a bit more realism to the character itself try decreasing the amount of uneven lighting in the background, have you tried experimenting with lighting settings or including more characters to reflect a better approach?

Everything looks simplistic and a basic sort of way, but including 3 or 2 characters with some buildings or props to improve the scene.

The background doesn’t really have a meaning. It feels like there is just a random background placed with no other characters or lighting - shadows on the character, I would highly advise you to continue improving and learning many types of technique; before creating a portfolio offering your service. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have problem how to add more characters , because I am using paintrig.