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i am absolutely cracked at this

(jk lol its unfinished I need to make some major changes)
it took me 1400 hours for this (not really)
but the lighting still looks weird like why is that character’s face not foggy and dim?? bruh


Ignoring my extreme confusion regarding the way you setup this topic, it looks good, just he might want some elbows.

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looks cool, I totally didnt click in because of the titles



i couldn’t bring the arm to hold the greatsword on the other side of him without making his elbows especially straight

Why does this look too epic for GFX designers…

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because i am epic. do not question it.
why is no one giving me real feedback

I like the dynamic pose! Here are my suggestions:

The fog in my opinion looks less like fog and more like a solid color, I suggest making it grayer or whiter.

Also, rain falls in the direction of the wind, so in reality, your character’s cape shouldn’t be flowing like that haha (it’s flowing in the opposite direction of the wind)!

Finally, I only see lighting on the character and not on the grass or sword. Here’s a tip: have a definite light source so that you can add lighting to your scene accurately!

Looks great, keep it up!

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