New GFX || Blender

I have been getting better at GFX
Here is my progress so far:

These were the first GFX I made. It was really just to help make my Twitter more alive :sunny:
I don’t hate them but I would change so many things if I would get the change!

I got really into the spooky GFX and I really loved making them. Still really happy with the result of them!

I really got into making more effects and I even got into making shoes!
I am already working with blender for a long time but this added some little spice :yellow_heart:

Thank you for looking and PLEASE give me tips! I will make sure I use them :))


Heyy looks pretty good! Other than that I have nothing more to say except how nice it looks lol!

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Nice Job! that looks really good i have nothing else to say you don’t need tips your already doing a great job.


your lighting and posing definitely improved, however your set design and character design can be improved more, including everything else. your lighting doesn’t fit the theme sometimes and isn’t too ambient or making the character pop.


Great job! You’ve definitely improved, and I like your use of lightning in the one with the TV in November. Keep up the great work!