New GFX, critique please!

And yes, I’m sorry about the hugewatermark. I’m just kinda paranoid that someone will steal my work ahah.

Time taken: 2-3 hours
Programs used: Blender, Pixlr, Photoshop


Look’s amazing. a lot of detail
That gun being inside of his arm tho?


yeah i’m not great at gun stances lmaoo

This looks pretty nice for 2-3 hours! I’m sure I’ll take me 2-3 days! I will list some things I would change…

  1. It looks like their is an explosion next to the character. Maybe have more dirt flying on the persons face?

  2. I noticed a tank in the background firing towards the character, maybe you can add some muzzle flash on the barrel of the tank.

  3. The gun is inside of the character’s arm.

  4. The clothing texture on the character’s arm is very stretched out.

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It’s not next to the character, I kinda made it hard to see. It’s in the background which is why there isn’t any dust and stuff on his face.

that’s in the background as well, not aiming towards the character

im bad at gun stances

yeah the rig stretched it out

ty for the critique tho

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Great job! It looks really nice! :smile:

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it looks amazing.

the gun can change though.

if you have a nerf gun laying around (or just an object the gun’s size), try holding that, and running forward for a few seconds. It feels awkward, right? If your holding the handle with your right hand, your shoulder-blade should be protruding our of your back. It kinda hurts after a while too. Now hold the gun or object with your right hand, and point it straight away from you. turn it left about 70 degrees, then put your left hand on the barrel. Give the gun a 10 degrees tilt away from your body and bring the stock up about 20 degrees, and try running with it. Push it forward while holding on every other step to imitate strafe. It doesn’t feel awkward anymore! This is what it should look like:

(this picture is just an example and does not show any side or party.)

when making poses, it is good to practice the pose in real life, so you understand how your bone joints feel with the object. This will make the render look less fake, and would bring the user more “into” the render.

Other than that, you did a really nice job with the effects and rocks!

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