New GFX dedicated to Prison Life!

Hello guys, in this post I show a new GFX dedicated to Prison Life, I already tell everyone that this thumbnail is not official, but as I admire the game, I decided to do it, I count on your feedback!



Saçın Gölgelendirmesi Çok karanlık Geldi Bana!


I Don’t Understand My Shadow Here, But The Shadow Is Too Dark.


Şu Bölgede Ne Var Anlayamadım Açıklarmısınız?


Ama Yinede Güzel!

Some of the shadows are trees that are not in the scene, but do not appear in the thumbnail.

Looks nice I don’t see a problem keep up the good work. (only thing wrong is that it is kinda bright)

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Thanks for the feedback, this was my second GFX, I will add the criticisms and I will strengthen my work!

Do you have an iPhone?

If so, I recommend going into the Photos app and editing your picture through there, post regular editing. On this picture, the blacks seem a little too dark and take out majority of the scenery. You can adjust the levels of blacks and whites, which can make your picture have a totally different story and tone from the beginning.

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Renders look really clean and smooth, good job.

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Good job, not bad! I don’t think I can criticize much.

Sorry to Necrobump :confused: But is it ok if I use this in my game?