New GFX Feedback

Hey there! I’m Vee.
I own a group on Roblox called Shiny Stars! which is primarily aimed at younger audiences and aims to be a safe place for young Roblox players to contribute to and enjoy a community of players like them.
I create all of the artwork for the group, from thumbnails to icons and anything in between, but the icon has always been a bit of a struggle.
I found it hard to find a style that really fit what the group was about without making it look too professional or advanced.
This is our current logo.

I wasn’t satisfied with how it looked and I didn’t feel it gave off anything, so I thought I’d try and change it up.
After finding some inspiration, I ended up with this.

I feel that it gives off a more fun and childish / cheerful vibe as oppose to the detailed and dark logo before. I think it’s definitely a step up but it feels a bit empty?
All suggestions and feedback are appreciated!
Thanks! :art:


Made some changes.

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Looks very nice. I honestly don’t know how you could improve, it looks very good imo