New GFX for an army roleplay

New GFX for an army roleplay, I hope you like it, leave feedback!



It looks pretty neat so far. Theres a few problems, for the general (The one thats in front) why does he have no face? I assume that he is facing forward at the soilders I guess. If he were facing forward at the GFX, then that would be a little bit better. Also, the leaves on the trees are clipping through other leaves. I would give this a 8/10, the lighting is good, but the GFX still needs improvement.

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He’s watching the recruits, and by the way, I left the trees with a good amount of leaves to impose the scenario, thanks for the criticism.


This is a really nice GFX! I like the details. You put a very nice amount of time and effort into this. Congrats!


I wasn’t criticizing you, I was just leaving feedback for it. If it hurt you in some way, I am sorry if it did hurt you. It wasn’t criticism to me, if it was to you, then maybe you misunderstood me. It didn’t seem like I was criticizing the GFX, I was trying to be helpful.


In no way did I say that criticism is good, it makes me better, I think you got it wrong, I love the feedback and criticism from the community.

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Drill Instructor, not general.

And yes, he is facing the navymen. I agree with how you mentioned the tree leaves clipping, could be improved