New GFX. How do you like it?

Please rate this. It is pretty basic no effects. If you want one you can join this server. Discord


It great. Maybe try adding a face lol.

Actually this is based on my avatar. My avatar has no face. Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

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Well, either way, it look’s great haha.

It’s cool!

I think that you should work on the lighting. The sky also doesn’t really match with the grass/trees.

I also think you went a bit overkill with the 3D on the clothes, as it looks too bumpy.

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Ur cloth has a lot cotton. I have early used this shirt and use a good normal. U can see it.

It looks quite good. I’d advice you to extend the ground and add tree models, instead of a background image.

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The quality of clothing you’ve used is really poor, try finding a better option next time.

Yes I didnt tried to use high quality shirt as it was one of my first gfx

It kind of looks like a windows XP background. this might be because of the google images of trees in the back and the weird choppy grass, I also don’t know why you added a gradient and bumpy texture for the pants and shirt. the sky also looks fake and this picture is just mostly google images from real life other than roblox.

it is not great because the bkacground doesn’t blend, the background is unrealistic compared to the sky and then the character’s clothes are like rocks and the lighting does not match up :C the grass is alright but the world just ‘ends’ and goes into a background and then the design isn’t great. the gun is very unrealistic also and the model posing isn’t great either :confused:

even if you are a beginner, it is fine, you will continue to grow