New GFX I made need some Feedback

What do you think?

(Please comment your honest Feedback <: )


These are some things that it reminds me of:

Credits to Bisqwit
80s synthwave/vaporwave

Although it looks nice, I think you can do better at the pose, it feels really doughy
Overall, a 9/10! :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty good, but I just think the purple in the back is a little awkward. It would look a little better if it were like half purple and half white in the back. However, it honestly depends on what the purple was used for in first place.


I think I sorta understand what your trying to say, I was at first going for a half and half style but since the rendered character takes up most the screen It doesn’t look much like 2 blurred colors like I want it to be. (Also it’s not lighting for clarification) (:

It’s Great! Shoto is perfectly rendered. Nicely rotated limbs and cool background and lighting!
image The font also fits.