NEW GFX-ICE-opinions

new gfx friends say,


That very Good, Is look nice, Could you do like a Summer with a beach.

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yes, rightI was going to do that for my next gfx

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Looks really good man my opinions.

  1. The hat on the snow man! should be red i see white spots all over his hat i would fix that picture below.


  1. Try making the snowman colors all the same as seen on the recent picture i put. I see a light blue glow on his black scarf!!

  2. On the character you should, remove those black spots and that purple spot on his hair! that need’s to be fixed on him.


  1. Try increasing the render on it to remove a lot of those black spots on the snowman. And character plus you should level the snowman platform i see it’s off the ground a bit!!
Snowman Platform


Great job can’t wait to see more of your work.

Also the cloth, like put a modern cloths.

It’s amazing, my only advice is to make the floor with a snow-like texture rather than just white.

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This looks like it’s levitating, might wanna fix that.

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