New GFX | Looking for Feedback


I just made a new GFX ! What do you think of it? Do you have any ideas for improvements?
Also: I am pretty new to GFX making

~The GFX~

Thank you for the Feedback


Looks nice but maybe have the soldier wear an undeployed parachute pack and a gun.


You could also add some background warfare like fighter jets, bullets in the air. And explosions just to have a little bit more to look at


it’s a good start but I agree with @HeartBeatStoppah that adding more things to the scene would make it better


Following must be added.
Escorting jets
Parachute backpack
A pistol on waist
Anti aircraft missiles shooting
Anti missile deploying from plane

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It looks fantastic however I think you should edit it slightly, The man should be wearing a parachute because you don’t want him to go splat on the ground! D:

I do think that you should also add some background jets and soldiers as it would be strange if only one soldier would go flying out.

All together it looks fabulous!
I would buy definitely.

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