New GFX thumbnail for a dance club

New GFX thumbnail for a dance club.



…yet you have a picture of a nightclub called BEAT (which looks familiar… bloxburg i think?)

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Yes, I put the models that my clients sent me.

Just looks a little stolen imo. Wouldn’t expect that picture to be original when the name of the place is different than what is shown. Was this done as a commission, is that what you meant by


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Well, I don’t work on developing the game or anything, I just followed orders, gave my work and received my commission.

Do you think you should try to focus on the scene render and the artist’s GFX talent than your total concern on originality? Just a thought :man_shrugging:

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First I took it to the DM’s and everything is cleared up.

Second I didn’t realize it was a commission at first.