New GFX, What do you think?

Hello. So recently I been working on some GFX art for a game. I don’t know if they are good or not. I want some feedback to see if they are good or not.

Redo of 1 and 2:




Right now your camera angles aren’t the greatest. Your camera angles on images 2, 3, and 4 are too close or out of position to make the image look good. Adjust the camera position, and look at other reference images.

For your renders themselves, the lighting is very basic and plain. From what I can tell from these images alone, I think these are rendered in Roblox Studio. I would recommend using Blender 2.91, and you could import your models as OBJ that way. You get better lighting and details in a 3D rendering studio unlike Roblox Studio.

Try adding more of a background to your renders. Right now it’s just a skybox, try adding 3D elements like buildings, that will add a lot more detail and appeal to your renders.

For render 2, it seems like you tried adding folds to the characters clothing. You should probably get rid of that, it doesn’t look good on Roblox characters, and the way it’s set up right now makes it look like mountains. As a 2D artist I can tell where the creases should be. Either way, like I said before get rid of the creases to make the render look a bit “cleaner”.

You ask what I think, and I would say I think you should switch to Blender to render if you weren’t using it already. Try improving the camera angles and lighting, and don’t try to add in high detail elements if you aren’t ready for it. Get more feedback on more test renders and keep improving until you and other people think they look good.

The 1st picture seems like it needs more lighting to it, it seems to be a bit bland in my opinion.

The 2nd picture seems to either be at a bad angle or an error as the face seems to have a bit low quality parts.

The other 2 seems to be cool in my opinion!

The images are rendered in Blender 2.93. I do import the OBJ from roblox studio. My rendering engine in blender is Cycles ran on the CPU, Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core.