[NEW] Glided Games "Soar High"

Heyo! Here at Glided Games, Me and Dane are trying to find some Clothing Designers, etc! Our group “Glided Games” is an obby genre game development group! We are looking for someone to do these jobs for very cheap, or for free if you are so very generous! WE DO NOT NEED BUILDERS NOR SCRIPTERS https://www.roblox.com/groups/7192084/Glided-Games#!/about This is our game, we have not released the group yet, nor any games, we are trying to work on it as much as we can and are making extreme progress for a team of 2! WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR SUPPORTERS!


Payment of GFX Designers?

Well, we aren’t sure as of right now, as the game isn’t complete so we aren’t sure of how complex the GFX will be. We would like someone to make GFX for free for us, if possible please let me know, if not, no trouble! Have a good day!

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I am a gfx designer, please DM me on Discord @Pixfui#9528, there I will send u a link to my portfolio.

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Are you in need of UI Designers?

No sorry, we are trying to keep the project of actually building the game to ourselves, im sure your work is great! Please do not take offensive!

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I understand! I wish you luck on your project! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks! We are supposed to release tomorrow! me and Dane will be hanging out in the game all morning! Join the group and join it tomorrow! :smiley:

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