New Group Details Page is Live!


I also have noticed that some games that I have had active before and deactivated now won’t go off of the games page. The games show as not active and you can’t join it but it still shows on the games page as active. Has anyone else noticed this problem with their groups?


It is based on the platform, if you’re playing on desktop, you’ll see how many are online on desktop. If you’re on mobile, you’ll see how many are online on mobile etc…

Developer stats show ALL platforms. (Console, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop).


Why is that?

Why would I want to see how many people are just playing on desktop? I want to know the overall when I look at the game icon. Not to mention if it was that way the game icon and game description should give me the same numbers right?

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No, the game description shows the total amount of guests over all platforms. The one on the icon just shows the amount on your current platform.

Mobile: Screenshot_20190224-131154__01

Desktop: Screenshot_20190224-131240__01

Game Description:

It allows for games to be judged on a per platform, since some are only Desktop / Mobile friendly and even if they’re popular on one platform, doesn’t mean they appeal to people on another platform.


Yes, I have a game that when I activate will not show in group games.

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Okay, good to know it’s not just me. Hopefully this can be fixed.

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Last we heard, it was still being investigated which can take time as there are many reasons why the bug could be occurring. Naturally, it will take time to fix, especially if it involves coordination with another team, and then from there, it has to go through quality assurance testing before being released. But nonetheless, this issue will for sure be fixed and they are aware of it.


Yeah, it takes a good 30-40 minutes for them to appear for me too. The player counter also sometimes glitches out and shows “0” playing when there’s way more.


Yeah that’s not good, especially for RPG groups. Sometimes people will check the group page to see if anyone is online, and if not they don’t join.


Just scrolling through and saw this:
Right click and inspect element is how I see my member count, however turns out there is a simpler way (edited answer now).

As mentioned by @Ayphio you can hover over.

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If you just hover your cursor over the member count it will show you. However this is a problem on mobile devices, as there is literally no easy way to see the full member count


When I’m on mobile I have to calculate the number of members my group has by going to group admin :joy:

It really sucks though that they don’t show the EXACT member count anymore for both devices
even though you can see it on pc if you hover over it


You shouldn’t have to hover over it at all on PC. There’s so much wasted blank space that the whole number can be displayed.


That’s exactly how I feel. To be honest it gives me a false sense of how big a group really is.


The group store tab isn’t functioning correctly. I have 20 pages of clothes but when I try to click next past page 8, I get this message:

Group link:!/store

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It looks fine to me. I’m using Google Chrome as my browser.


Well it’s working for me now too so I’ll just assume it was a site outage or internet issue (or they fixed it really fast).


One thing I noticed with this group layout which has slowly started bothering me more and more and was perfectly fine in the old layout is that I cannot view the full name of some ranks sometimes.
Also does the same with the text on here

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hmm did not see that, my bad