New Group Details Page is Live!

Hi everyone,

You’ve been asking for Roblox Group updates, and we’ve been listening. Over the past several months, we have been working hard to deliver updates to our groups system, including Roblox Group links as a social link type and Social Links for Roblox Groups.

EDIT: The New Group Details page is now live for everyone!

Today, I’m excited to announce that the New Group Details page is now live for Beta Testers! The New Group Details page includes a significant UI upgrade from the older legacy page with minimal functionality changes. This update will allow us to iterate more quickly and ship group improvements much faster in the future.

These new pages are also responsive, meaning the page will function properly on phones, tablets, and desktops. This means that you will be able to see the Members, Store, Games, and Affiliates (Allies & Enemies) sections directly within our mobile app!

You may also notice that Clans are missing from the New Group Details page. Now that Leaderboards and Player Points have been sunsetted, Clans are no longer a meaningful part of the Roblox Groups experience. Over the next few months, we will be sunsetting Clans completely to simplify the user experience. At the same time, we have some big projects on our roadmap that will better empower you to organize and grow your own communities on Roblox.

Stay tuned!




Q: What about the group admin page?
A: This update does not include the group admin page, but we plan to make changes in the future. Stay tuned!

Q: When will this be live for all users?
A: The page is now live for all users! Soon, next year.

Q: I encountered a bug using this page.
A: Please report any bugs you find in this thread. We will prioritize and fix them accordingly.

Q: What will the Clans sunset entail? Will we get refunded?
A: We will remove all functionality related to Clans and refund everyone who purchased a Clan.

Q: I have a feature request for Roblox groups.
A: Feel free to PM me, but this update is mainly a UI upgrade with minimal functional changes. Feature requests are not within the scope of this specific project.

Known issues:

  • When loading the page, the content moves around as elements load in
  • Not all group games are being displayed

I noticed this literally the second it updated. I’m a fan of all the tabs except for “About”. The placing of group funds and the group description just seems a bit off to me.


In the future, we should have the option to have group games display as the first thing when opening the specific groups page.


Alright so first impressions from me seem to be that this new page is a negative design change. I have not had enough time with it but just a few of the larger issues:

  • This is not mobile optimized for every screen

  • Group funds are shown on the homepage. This is problematic for many reasons, most prominently because it is invasive for developers who stream and screenshotting your group for any reason. Mainly there is just no reason for it to be there

  • Games are not shown on the main page, and tabs without anything in them are still shown. I have nothing in my store or affiliates, yet they show anyway. Games should be shown on the main page instead of a tab, this just makes it harder to get to them

There are a lot of other small issues I found, but those are the big ones. This is a step forwards in design, and a step backwards in functionality.


Just wanted to quickly mention that group funds always being shown on the About tab will be fixed :slight_smile:


I like the idea overall, but one part I strongly dislike is how the games owned by the group are no longer front and center. Makes it a bit harder for studios.


I prefered being able to see someones entire avatar on the group wall, but i like all the other changes, looking forward to more features :yum:!


Could it be…? This sounds pretty promising!

In regards to clans, I’m guessing there’s no plans to offer a replacement like the leaderboard system has for the future?


The list of groups I’m in is being displayed incorrectly

If it’s of any relevance, I’m using Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 64bit, and my desktop resolution is around 1475x830 (1920x1080 scaled by 130%)


Repro: It will work when you set your browser to 100% and refresh

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I feel like the buttons should go in this order:

  1. About
  2. Games
  3. Store
  4. Affiliates

Putting games second to last really hides the games, which is a no-no, in my opinion.


Really not a fan of this…I feel like it’s too much, too quick


As much as this was needed (major props), there is now a bit of design flaws and UX issues I’m already noticing. First off, I’m trying to figure out why games is not on the main page but instead in its own tab where it’s not ordered by a hierarchy of importance - meaning each section is in accordance with what users should see initially

Another thing is just alignment and sizing in some circumstances. There is just way too much space in some areas where things could have been placed instead





Oh, this is beautiful. I agree with what UndoneBuilder said though, group games should always be the first thing players see.


I like the idea. However, I really wish group games were visible on the first page. That would be very helpful.


Agreed this is a must, the games are more important than the store.


Honestly, before you guys fix the Group Website design, you should add more things like a feature where only group members that have a certain rank+ can test the game. I don’t like to keep having my Beta Testers sign NDA contracts so they won’t leak anything since they have access to studio…(Yes a I could make a seperate group for this and enable group testing BUT I feel like even cafe groups, etc could use this feature for Training HR’S, MR’S, etc)


While it’s a good idea in theory, in reality it has the potential to cause many more issues than it fixes