New group name was filtered without warning me

When I created my group called AB || AirBermuda it has moderated the AB part.

Normally, the create group form will stop you if your group title gets moderated, rather than let you spend robux on a title that is hashtagged without your knowledge.

  1. Create group

  2. Type in AB || AirBermuda

  3. Create group and look at name

I use Windows 10


I first noticed this on Jan 3.
Is there anything to do? Please help because I spent 100 :robux: on this and don’t really have more to try again.

This is the group:


Wouldn’t consider this a bug, as this has been happening forever. I believe roblox only moderates group names if it has an inappropriate title or has curse words in it. Or along with banned special characters, but yes this is an issue roblox should deal with,


I agree with @Nanonauts, when this happened to me I contact Roblox support they’re pretty good at helping out. They should help as long as It’s appropriate. The only reason I see this might have been tagged is because “ab” and like “abs” and that might not be child friendly.


I guess this should still be fixed and solved instead of leaving this, i don’t have any group and i dont know nothing about, and the friend of my brother told me that you can’t change the name of a group, so if you can’t then this should be warned, about tags, because this might be a robux waste.


I think it would be pretty useful to be able to change your group name, even if it were to cost robux. I once created a group, but I disowned it because the filter decided it was inappropriate. There should be a warning, especially because creating a group costs robux and changing the group name is not currently possible.

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I would consider this a bug, length it’s been happening is irrelevant.

It should warn you before creating the group that the name isn’t appropriate, especially since groups cost robux. You should know before hand that what you are paying for is going to be correct, and not have to either create a new group, or hope CS will help you.


“Abs” are not inappropriate. They can also mean ABS, as in anti-lock brakes which are sure to be commonly mentioned in Roblox car games.

I have noticed that ‘Abdul’ is censored yet ‘Abdullah’ is not.


Hi! Thanks for the report and sorry about the negative experience. We will file a ticket to throw an error on partial moderation (right now we only error on full moderation). In the meantime you should reach out to CS like the other users suggested above - they should be able to help fix your group name.


It’s probably more that it’s a bug where the devs at ROBLOX forgot to program the site to have an error message when the group name is tagged.

As mentioned by @BitwiseAndrea above, error messages are thrown when full group names are tagged in the filtering system, but not partial tags. Glad that it’s getting fixed though.


That’s not the case for my brother, he made an attempt to create a group, and his group was going to be called Team Conejin, Conejin is filtered in Roblox for him, since he is <13, and he got that error message.

This took a while but it’s fixed now - if something is partially moderated it’ll fail to create the group and show you exactly what was moderated, so you can better adjust your group name. Thanks again for the report!