New Group Social Links Don't Allow Discord In The Title


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to use the word ‘Discord’ in the new group social links. By this, I mean if your server is called ‘Noob Discord’ or if you decide to give it the title ‘Official Discord Server’ it does this due to the filter:

Example for my case: “Rails Unlimited Official Discord” can’t get through.

Like the game page social links, I would expect a fix or this has already been noted as they’re practically the same feature.


Oh you know what, I actually didn’t even notice that they added a new tab to the groups page that allows for social media. The group page has been untouched for so long that such a silent update completely went past my head. Thanks, but a notice would’ve been nice.

Rather than a bug report, I believe you should be writing this in the filtering thread. This is not really a bug.


Yeah I noticed that it censored “ber’s tweets” too. I think it might still be on the strictest chat filter settings for all users. It should be on the 13+ chat filter with social media names whitelisted because only 13+ users can use this feature in the first place.


I had mentioned this in the Devforum Discord server.

Some people have the word Discord in their server link, while most people aren’t able to input it.


In a way, it is a bug and a filtering issue. It is more fitting in here as the filtering thread is only seen every few times a month while bug reports are (assumably) viewed regularly.


This isn’t a bug. There’s no unintended behavior going on in here. Furthermore, posting in the bug reports category simply because “it is checked more frequently” over the place where such a request belongs isn’t really cool at all.


I can assure you it is a ‘minor’ bug, then.

Is this issue preventing a certain task from being accomplished? Yes - self-explanatory.
Is this issue unintended? Yes - the filter needs to be fixed on this new feature for it to be resolved.

It’s a bug regardless; end of discussion, unless a staff member says otherwise.


A bug is classified as something behaving without the intent it was created with, or is malfunctioning. This is not a bug. The Social Media Links tab has no observable bugs. This is an issue related to text filtering which needs to be specified in Chat/Text Review Requests. An alternative appropriate method would be a feature request or review request to unblock Discord from the social media tab, which encompasses all cases of this occurrence rather than a singular one - such has already been done.

The filter is very intentional. It may be an oversight on Roblox’s behalf to not apply the same filter to group social media links as game social media links, but the word Discord is not allowed on the site anywhere except where explicitly indicated that it is fine.

This doesn’t prevent you from linking your Discord either. Just call it something different for now.

Please use categories appropriately.


I am using an alternative name. I’m just pointing it out for others so they know. As for the filter blocking Discord, I’m fully aware that it’s made to do so, except on a few exceptions like social links.

Like I said, this conversation is over. If you’re so desperate to know whether it’s a bug or not, tag a staff member. You don’t need to ‘minimod’ either.


Bug reports isn’t a notice channel. It is related to genuine issues that are preventing productivity because of broken features or ones that aren’t working properly.

This isn’t minimodding? Anyone can reply to a bug report with a solution if they have one, it doesn’t strictly need to be staff.

I’m going to ask that any further commentary be taken up in my DMs. This is devolving into a useless argument that doesn’t need to be public.