New Hangout Game!

Hello, I’ve been working hard on my new upcoming game!

Here are some sneak peaks!

I’m the scripter, builder, and environmental specialist for this game.
My contributor is @infiniteRaymond

Leave your opinions below!! :smiley:


It looks rather interesting, I must ask, do you need anymore Builders?

depends on how the person builds, it would make the process easier as well maybe?

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Let’s say I do work to build the map, (Which I could make look similar to Club Iris’ Map) what would the payment amount be?

depends on the amount of detail, most likely starting at 3k - 8k since I need another investor. If I get another investor, payment will vary

Looks nice! Looking foward to exploring it.


Wow this looks really cool. I like the use of the neon colors. They really fit well.

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thanks!!! we are going for a 80’s type hangout etc.

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3k or even 8k is too little for a map, even without detail.

oh well without an investor, I cannot state a reason able price

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I look forward to exploring the game. When it’s finished, could you send me the link to it?

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yeah! I will send you a link to it once it is complete :slight_smile:

Thank you! Definitely look forward to it.

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