New header has duplicate UI

The two identical pictures of my avatar don’t look intentional or all that nice to look at. I’m sorry to say this, but it looks like someone copy-pasted the header into the Developer Forum UI, without taking into consideration that there are two buttons that would seem to do the same thing, except that one is less prominent even though it’s more important in the given context.

Further expanding the menus, it appears that there are two ways to log-out and two different “Settings”. I think that the Creator Hub profile button should only be active on the pages, instead of here, unless they are going to be combined in some way.

Even stranger, using the “Log Out” option from the header profile button doesn’t even log me out, it logs me out of the main and, but not the Developer Forum.

Am I logged in or not?


This behavior was recently explained in an announcement.



The new header is Roblox, the other avatar image is the DevForum which is separate from Roblox.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see that. But it still feels unintuitive. I’ll give some feedback in the correct place later.

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I love seeing myself logged in as @VSCPlays when I am using @GameInspectors



Not a bug, we are just correctly showing the different login sessions between surfaces now that already existed before this change. This will become more unified over time.

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