New Horror Game Build (Feedback)

This is a remake of an old project I had start around a year ago. I am remastering the look and updating it.

This so far is just the living room, and its still incomplete. I am gonna add smaller details and fix stuff.



I like this, though it’s hard to provide feedback on something that’s still work in progress.

What I can recommend is, whilst it visually looks good, the environment fails to tell a story. As such, it just feels like a generic spooky living room.

This solely depends on the direction of the game, or what will occur in this certain area of it, but if I were you I’d try to convey more of a story here, even if it’s miniscule. For example, there could be food and drink on the table, static on the TV; was somebody already here? Was the player abruptly interrupted by something occuring within or outside the house?

So far from what I can see, I love it. I love the aesthetic of this build.

Only complaint is the lighting, it doesn’t really light up enough of the scene. Especially the ceiling which is basically pitch black.

This build looks very good! It has a good amount of detail, and the lighting makes it look realistic! Nice job on this build!

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