New Horror Game in Public Testing

Btw I’m a Builder And a graphics designer So If You see Free Models I Want You To Know That I Have
No Experience in Coding Have Fun Game :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: Game Link Vents Demo - Roblox


Game Link Vents Demo - Roblox


This is exactly what I need a Horror Game!

Things I noticed:

  • Flashlight radius: very small and far blending
  • I couldn’t open the safe with the green keycard and got stuck afterwards. literally: above it
  • Resetting Info should kicked me from game.
    • (Or dissable Reset)
  • Footsteps sound when walking into another parts is bugging out sometimes.
    • (Walking on bed sound doesn’t change)
  • I found an item (wrench) out of bounce
  • EDIT: With the “1” key on my keyboard the tool deselects and selects itself

Yeah and my Game ended there still couldn’t open the safe with the green keycard.

Now the Good things:

I noticed the light effects and atmosphere are very nicely done
when running around searching the right tools for objects.

I like that the vents are a little muddery (dirty) while entering
and searching for an exit.

It got some context like: why are there candles or a bed inside a lost room inside
of the vents, when nobody but you roaming in them.

Would appreciate if you could get these bugs fixed and message me for more testing
I would love to see the full product / game of yours!


Thank you For Your Feedback i will make sure to fix them all + giving you credit for beta testing thank you soo much :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Some bugs i noticed where spawning outside the map when i join the game and it pushes me off and gives me a teleport error i tried it with a few avatars and it occurs with most avatar types you might want to lower your spawn pad or add less things in the room or as a last resort remove the roof from spawn also gives teleport error when i die also i would make the flashlight a inventory item and also be a bit bigger but it looks great otherwise i love particles and atmosphere and the footstep sound great very crisp though I wouldn’t make all the map mettle and make a bit of variety that’s all :smiley:


Thank you so much I’m working on a update soon you will be added to credits for beta testing if you want
:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Sure you can add me to credits! great job on the game if you ever need me to test anything else just sent me a friend request and i can help do some bug testing :smiley:


i heard the scream in your other game and i dotn normally get scared but i have never pressed alt f4 faster in my entire life


I went in there to get all badges but still haven’t found the cave.
But I was the first one to get Useless Gun and Dilapidated House. xD

Edit: Update I found the cave in the end!


Ok I Hope You Liked The Game soo Far Im Still working on it :grinning:


This game is really cool so far, I like how it has a goal/story since that adds a lot to the game. The atmosphere is also really good!
I have some small ideas/suggestions:

  • This doll thingy has a jumpscare that activates from a part I’m guessing, but there is no cooldown, so I can keep walking back and forth to keep on getting jumpscared. I think you could use debounce to solve this problem?
  • This game is already a big step towards a full horror game, but I think one crucial aspect it needs besides the great atmosphere and story driver that it already has is some sort of actual threat or antagonist. After a while the tension that you get at the start from the atmosphere and sounds fades away, because you realise there’s nothing that can hurt you. In the best case scenario the tension should keep building up with you being scared of some threat (like a monster) until that tension is released quickly like if you get jumpscared or move onto the next chapter! This can make the game even more interesting. I know its hard to make a monster especially if you don’t have a lot of programming experience, but you can always ask others for some help to rig, script, and animate a cool enemy

Thats true i will be trying to add a monster to make the game scary and thanks for the feedback :heart::heart::heart:


Game looks promising I suggest having a prompt for items that can be picked up.

I couldn’t even pick up the green key (PC), so I couldn’t play the game.

BUT from the screenshots the game looks amazing, keep it up


Wait what but all of my friends wen played the game they can pick up keys


I tried the game again and its seems to work, I had a bug the first time, didn’t show the cut scene or anything I was just trapped in the room.


only major problem I see is the flashlight, it doesn’t really brighten the place.
Also this gui and the player dialogue gui doesn’t fit the theme , maybe make it darker and stuff?
Good game overall.


Sure thing and thanks for you reply i will make sure to fix it to make the game better for every one :heart::heart: