New icon! (rate from 1-10)

Hello My name is Fimlinz Today i Bring You a Horror/Thriller Related Game Called DARK OCCULT! Ive Been Working on This For two Weeks with Lead Developer @JanzyDev . We have functionally finished the Main Menu :smile: And Now The Icon! Plz Rate The Icon From 1-10 And give us an honest Opinion on what we should Change/Add!


The icon looking great! Maybe you should add a background. 7/10


Hey Aciid_Fimlinz, I’ve found some things you may consider fixing.

The first thing you should consider fixing is the right arm, the right arm seems like the elbow is kinda squished.



The second thing you should consider fixing is the Lighting, it seems a little off consider adding lights in blender to make it look better.

But despite all that I would give this a 6/10.

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Nothing specific to notice, basic render, no background, representing someone’s running out of fear.

The icon is efficient, it touches a good majority of users as the message sent visually is clear. but extremely mainstream and cliché, probably part-intended if you want to make the danger really “unknown” until you try the game.

May be a good idea, but if you’re making a REC lookalike picture coming from a camera, perhaps it would have been better to put additional effects of a broken camera or similar, right now it doesn’t feel like the pic come out of it, instead, it’s just some text, you should add contents on icon/thumbnail that do have a minimum link to the actual gameplay, for example, you could put 00:02:00 on the icon, and something actually happens at 2 minute chrono live.

image also the silk cloth texture/effect is going on the skin lol



I would give it a solid 2/10. The text doesn’t look good, I suggest you make it 3D and shade it or give it a texture to make it look better. The lighting of the render is bad, the background is just black and doesn’t look well either and the number on the top right corner doesn’t go well with the icon. The render is not centralized which makes the icon look very asymmetrical. The flashlight on the render’s hand looks extremely weird as it is going through the render’s hand and the lens flare on the flashlight doesn’t look good either, I suggest you make it brighter and make it look like it is spreading in one direction not just staying in place. And as @kenami said since the effect you are trying to achieve is a camera so you should give the picture some camera effects because with no camera effects it looks just like some random digits randomly placed on the icon. Maybe you can overlay your icon with a similar image to this:
And probably give it some glitched image effect.


Looks alright, 6,5/10 Consider adding another background instead of just a black canvas.


The font Cracked Code fits very well, but you could make it better, like adding a layer, inner shadow or something like that, I made a example. The character is well made too, but you could add something in the background, instead of the void.
Anyways, it looks good :smile:


Maybe not put your name everywhere- maybe in one specific place but other than that 8/10.


Looks pretty good so far to me, I would probably make a new rendering of the character.

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It’s a watermark, that way no one steals it.

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True, but the watermark just makes the icon look like it’s a stock image.

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@ilovelegos4Its probably gonna be removed in its final product. He just added a watermark to make sure nobody steals it.

You should try to make bends look more smooth as they can look very odd at some parts such as the left arm, the arm looks way too long (unless thats how the character is supposed to look).

The running pose should make it look more scared like the character is nearly tipping if you want to give it a scary vibe.

From the timer in the corner, I can assume you want to make it look like the character is being recorded? If so, try to add random numbers to the timer to look like its been recorded for a while, a background map of a forest or such. and a camera border to give it a more creepy and stalking vibe.

The text looks pretty good but a shadow might make it look better.

6/10, and If you’re afraid of people stealing your final product, you can add a minuscule text with your name on the character or on the text to make it hard to see while also keeping the logo looking alright.

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The title is my favorite part; has a very mysterious style and reflects the name. All the smaller letters around the larger ones imitate the idea of a code or encryption.

The recording component also attracts interest into the theme of your icon, however it’s a little bland. I would change the time stamp, maybe to binary code (ex. 10:11:01). I think this would better pair with the title text. I might also recommend trying out a recording frame (the iconic corner pieces associated with recording screens)

You also have room for improvement with the lighting of your icon, specifically the man holding the flashlight.

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I’d give this icon a 6/10. As many others have said, you should replace the black background with something else (i.e a dark room). I also suggest that the lighting be improved with the icon. The font for the title, “Dark Occult” looks really nice a fits with the theme of horror, although I suggest the font for the camera recording be changed to a font that is similar, but is not the same as the one shown on the icon.

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4/10, maybe make the black background with something else.

5 out of 10? It’s pretty decent.