New idea for Live-Ops to increase player engagement

This entire feature request is based on this reddit post, refer to it and its discussion when adding on to this idea.

As a Roblox developer it may be hard to convince seasoned players to play my event games. As a player, I may have no interest as there’s no significant rewards for playing these games.

Introduce tokens as a seperate currency, different from Robux. Tokens can be earned in event games or purchased for real money (or Robux). Tokens have absolutely no value themselves (cannot be converted to Robux or used to buy UGC items). This is a adjustment I came up with that isn’t mentioned in the source post.

Roblox may then introduce exclusive items (accesories etc.) that are sold for Tokens only (or optionally also Robux, if Tokens cannot be purchased) to directly reward free-to-play players for playing event games, increasing player engagement in event games, and introducing an awesome way to earn exclusive items without paying anything.

This would also allow players to choose which items they want to receive as rewards, and Roblox may sell some items with large Token costs to encourage players to save up for them; all while still generating profit through selling Tokens for Robux or money.

This would be more of an improvement for players, less developers. But the benefits (of more players) for developers are still there.

This is more a sketch for empowering avatar creativity for non-paying users. Feel free to reply with critique or other suggestions to fix issues.



Bring back Tix is what you’re saying?


No, because Tickets actually had value. This is more like letting players choose what items they want as rewards for playing event games.


This idea is a win-win for both developers and non-paying users for a few reasons:

  1. Non-paying users can have their avatars more unique than what we currently have (limited to a handful of free items in the catalog)
  2. A better reward for players (as opposed to an in-game reward), boosting engagement
  3. Making Live-Ops actually worth it to apply for, since it would increase engagement by a lot