New In-Experience Text Chat System Public Release!

Can we add gradients to the text, please

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how do I change this I do not want this for my game


It’s been 1 year. Whats the status?

Hi! We’ve started work on this last week! Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming few months!


How can you disable the Gui in this moments?

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Any plans to make the player/people leaderboard and backpack customizeable just like the new text chat system? If possible, maybe make a service for the player leaderboard and backpack have its own service?


Are we going to be able to resize the chat ui?


Bumping this feature request. Being able to organise my commands within nested folders would be very useful. Will this be getting implemented in the future?

I found a bug which wastes space in the UI. When you use the chat on mobile, it says “To chat click here or press / key” when it should say “Tap here to chat”. (issue does not happen in the roblox studio mobile emulator)

You go to Explorer in studio select TextChatService go to properties and where it says ChatVersion you can change it to LegacyChatService to go back using the old chat hope this helps you!

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Are you guys ever gonna make it so that the colon is the color of the name?


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bro that was 2 months later wth are you doing here lol

I didn’t know that was 2 or 4 months later just helping but your right about having the old chat because the new chat it doesn’t like save the chat when you leave and rejoin so yea the old chat is actually better unless roblox adds it back

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nevermind, noticed this was fixed while playing bloxburg earlier.

if 2 people have the same username but one of them has extra text, its impossible to private message / whisper to the person with the shorter username

Yeah the private chat auto fill is annyoing. Should be similar to the autocomplete feature, showing a list of players

You made all of this but with no option to set the exact position of the chatwindow?

A new issue has occurred with this chat since alias has been taken in use.
Alias names with special characters, such as <, will make people appear as

<font color="#01a2ff">Name<:</font>

as well adding extra characters within their message “&It;”
It’s very distracting and hard to use the chat when this occurs

Is it possible to enable chat history with this new chat system? When I leave a server and come back, nothing is saved.

Also, how can I change the chat tag color and text color for certain people or owners of a game pass with this system?

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Are the channel tabs released? If not, when do you expect to release them? As it is a really needed feature for my game.