New In-Experience Text Chat System Public Release!

The new chat is cool, however, for most of my games I use the legacy one because sometimes It’s better and because the new one has some bugs.

I also use the legacy one for the old bubbles in my adventure game.

The new chat system has a very nice design and futuristic feel. Although, it does not correspond with Roblox’s chat commands such as: /w (user) and some scripts don’t function properly with this new chat system. Good work though.

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i played a game with my daughter recently," Life Together ". in that game there is a chat system that allows a player to text another player who is a friend directly. i presume this is now possible because of the In Experience Chat. i would like to add this feature to one of my games. is there a tutorial to aid in this? it was not obvious to me reading " Customizing In Experience Chat.

Is there a further update on this?