New In-Game Top Bar Problem

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I am working on this game named Truths and Tricks. The GUI of the menu touches the new Roblox topbar.

I want to get rid of the top bar, or I want to make the menu stop touching it. I do have scripts that may control the position it is in. So I will share those too.

Disclaimer: The menu was made by Future Noob, the code was as well. (Future Noob is a YouTube account, not mine though.)
He provided a YouTube tutorial on how to create the menu. I do not have much experience in coding.

Here is the code for the side menu:
MenuMain.lua (6.0 KB)
What I mean by Menu touching Roblox logo:

Thank you very much! If you need additional info just reply! :smiley:

Also I see in other posts people can make the lua script show without downloading. How could I do that?

You should change the size of the GUI so the Topbar doesnt touch it.

Okay. I will try that now, thank you.

It does not work. Is there something in the script causing it to change position. I changed the size and I get this:

Thats me, Future Noob, not The Gamer, thanks for looking at the tutorial though :+1:

Anyways, you can fix the issue by toggling IgnoreInsetGui on the properties of the screengui. Click the screengui or mainmenu, open properties, and there should be an ignoreinset option.

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Thank you so much! :grinning: :+1:

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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I got mixed up with the names.

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