New In-Game Topbar

IMO this definitely makes it harder to use the top left 36 pixels of the screen, which I hate.


It’s been a whole year after this thing was released, and it still is as half-baked as it was at release.

The topbar itself

When there are no UI elements aside from the topbar, it looks fairly good.

But, when the chat UI and playerlist show up:

  • The topbar buttons look awkwardly small and unproportional.
  • The free space in the topbar looks out of place, especially on smaller screens.
    • It’s difficult to fill it with custom UI elements because that area moves outside of the player’s focus (this heavily applies to the health bar) and their size is heavily restricted. Again, it’s more of a pain with smaller screens.

Potential solutions:

  • Redesign the chat UI (with focus on it’s background).
  • Relayout the topbar buttons, chat and playerlist.

Three dots menu

Skipping the fact that considering ROBLOX’s nature and target audience the three dots menu was, is, and will be a bad idea (it’s not a place for things like this), here are the main problems with it:

  • Just opening and closing the inventory requires four (!) clicks.
  • The animation of the menu closing takes two seconds to finish.
  • It’s not even customizable.
  • Having a menu button on both sides of the screen feels redundant and weird.

Potential solutions:

  • Fix it.
  • Just throw it away.

I liked a lot the new Top bar gui but now you can’t see your stats when the player list is hidden and sometimes there is a lot of players and that makes more difficult to find your stats in a game, i am trying to suggest to add back the old feature where you could see your stats without opening the player list, something like this:


(sorry if i made some mistakes at wiritting, i dont speak too much english in the last time)


Even better: You can have a game developer to even customise the buttons to fit into their games.
For example: if a developer is building a game that has a 2012 Roblox theme, the topbar and its buttons can be made to 2012.
If a developer is building a game, dedicated for recording, the topbar and its buttons can be invisible


Roblox did not have a topbar in 2012, though. All CoreGUI was separate.


I Prefer The 2020 Redesign Over This. Most Games Are Going to have to Redesign The Topbar once again if this does go public. the ROBLOX icon looks to big over the other icons


They could separate the topbar into CoreGUI


Is there any way to revert the new top bar? I have hated it since it went live in 2020.


It’s impossible to revert the topbar back because topbar are belong to coregui


I might as prefer the old top bar, but the problem was, you could place GUI elements on top of it.
With the new toolbar, you can put GUI elements over the top bar (although the top bar will bump in front)


@TheGamer101 So we’re gonna pretend this doesn’t exist?

This looks amazing, and I’d definitely prefer this rather than the one we have currently. It’s chunky and not too friendly.

The menu icon has a gradient that no other image has, the transparency of the rounded background doesn’t even match the leaderboard, and it doesn’t really look like anything they were going to start with.

What happened to something like this? It looks professional, clean and friendly to users. Plus it can fit with any game.

I would most certainly prefer @Elttob’s design though, as it’s scaled correctly.

So my question to the community is, which one is more preferred and why?

Roblox’s Design

Elttob’s Design

  • Elttob’s Design
  • Roblox’s Design

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please, please undo the change. old gui looks much better in my opinion.



(its very annoying. i cant explain how many times it has annoyed me)


Remember how you could set the topbar transparency in games? Do you think roblox should bring it back but with a different approach?

The new way of it working would be instead of changing the transparency of the topbar’s background, you’d be able to change the transparency of the iconBase.

(Background of the any Topbar Button)

So instead of this:

Screenshot 2023-02-25 162952

You could achieve an effect like this:

I feel like this update would enhance the experience and gameplay of a variety of games. It’d be also visually appealing especially to games that focus on realism.


Here’s some more examples of what good this update would make:

Should this be a feature?

  • Yes
  • No (Explain why)
  • Maybe (With more customization)

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No, it shouldn’t be it, just the new studio topbar actually is half good.


This is the update I ACTUALLY enjoy, because we have the top bar we know now, I actually liked it, but this is even better.


An update to allow theming of the topbar would be great. Like if we were allowed to choose what our menu and chat button looked like for our games. Or choose what we’d like our menu to look like.


Its sad this one is getting replaced, its the last one that conforms to the 36px limit and wasnt intrusive