New issue with BasePart collisions

Parts are falling through other parts when they shouldnt. This bug seems to be brand new(4PM EST 6/30/2023) to me

Bug reported by one of my players: tc3 moment - Clipped with

I replicated it with blocks in that exact map location. So I simplified the test further and opened a new baseplate file and put in a 0.8 thickness WedgePart and tried dropping 1x1x1 cubes and this happened every so often:

Test file:
BasePart collision.rbxl (41.8 KB)

This happens in play mode with me toggling into server mode(so the client and studio in one window)


Hey! Sorry for the problems. Can you switch your PhysicsSteppingMethod to Fixed?

That fixes the issue, thank you!

With it being Default, this was the result with a clearer test:

Awesome. I’ll take a closer look at your repro and see if we could improve out adaptive stepping system. Sorry for the issues!

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Seems like the parts were being simulated at 60hz which is prone to tunnelling. We will make some changes to deal with this type of situtation :slight_smile: In the meantime, I recommend using Fixed if you are frequently simulating small/thin parts.


Thank you for the fast response! I’ve updated my game to Fixed

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