New Lake County Update!

MN:LC BIG Update!

The game is now free!

New Vehicles

Ford Crown Victoria $0

Chevrolet Impala $5,000

Honda Civic Sport $10,000

Ford Mustang GT $15,000

Dodge Charger $25,000

Jeep Wrangler $30,000

Ford Explorer $35,000

Tesla Model 3 $45,000

Ford F150 $50,000

New Things

  • Lake

  • Camp Site

  • Mountains remodeled

  • The map is now winter themed

  • Interior of Gun Store

  • Interior of Jewelry

  • Vehicle Shop UI

  • Tool models

  • New Thumbnails + Game Icon

  • Pond by the trailer neighborhood

  • Electric Chargers at the gas stations

  • Bug fixes + Improvements

  • And More!

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Please let us know your feedback on this update in our community server, and report any bugs in the dedicated bug-reports channel.

And also, thanks to the following for helping out in this update!

ItsDeltaTG - Lead Developer
SkyWolfTG - Lead Developer
LCR Testers