New Lamp I made

I am modeling a lamp as part of my next GFX, how do you guys think it looks? Please give honest feedback and thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


the top part looks bit confusing to my eye and also
what’s lamp without a light?
you really add some light

This looks nice. I like the use of materials.

I agree with this, I don’t think lampshapes should be that transmissive, and we really shouldn’t be able to see the lightbulb underneath.

Lol, I agree. I am using blender and I have opacity at 0.9 in this picture. The problem is that once I higher the opacity, you can’t see the light. If I lower it, the lightbulb and frame are showing.

If you use transmission instead of opacity, it will look much nicer

Oh my gosh!!! that helps so much, lol tysm

Ok, here is the new picture with that now.

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Much nicer!
It looks pretty realistic now. My only suggestion would be making the texture on the pole under the lightbulb part (What is it called again?) less bumpy.

Thanks for the feedback, I was just going for an older vibe

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