New Layout [ Solved ]

On the new layout, if you are banned, you cannot reactivate your account. You will go to an error page then be logged out. I don’t know if this has been reported, but on my alternate account I cannot reactivate and it has the new layout.

Can you tell us your browser & OS? Does this happen after you clear your cache?

I’m right now on Google Chrome Canary, Windows 8.1 64 Bit.

Cleared my cache and this is still reproducible on my end.

What’s your alternate account’s name? And when do you get the error, is it when you check “reactivate my account” and then click submit?

My alternate account’s name is Xeriscape. My brother came telling me that he couldn’t reactivate it so I tried to and all I got was an error. I agree to the terms, click Reactivate Account, and I go to the error page.

I got this error on Chrome using the current / old layout, as well. Try using Firefox. I believe it is an issue with your cookies.

You can go back to Chrome after logging in on Firefox.

There we go! It’s activated now. Thanks.

It would be appreciated if a moderator would lock this thread.

If anyone has reproduction steps for this problem, that would be greatly appreciated. Other people may encounter this problem in the future so we want to patch it.

Here are the reproduction steps:

  1. Get banned for something against the rules while not online
  2. Try to reactivate your account from Chrome

Chrome must have a problem with ROBLOX cookies. >_>

I cannot reproduce this issue. Do you have any more specifics? To clarify, does the account have the new layout? Does the error happen every time you try to reactive your account?