New Level of Realism?

Here is a little topic to discuss

Any opinions on my upcoming showcase game?


You are welcome to leave a comment or a like if you would like to visit the showcase game in the future.

[EDIT] The Discord Server has opened: NemID Roblox


Cool but have you tried using PBR Textures? (SurfaceApperance) since it can make your games ultra realistic. Otherwise great job! :+1:


Actually, I haven’t but imma try it out later.

Thanks :+1:

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They only work on meshes, just a heads up!

I am aware of that but thanks.

Looks quite relaxing. Maybe adding relaxing rain music (if you will add rain to your game) could make it really aesthetic and pleasing. Overall, good job!


Looks great so far but there isn’t much to give an opinion about. All I can see from the screenshots are a tree and some mountains. I can’t really say much about it as is, but it looks good so far.

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A game link is coming soon as it’s under development. :+1:

Great idea! I will write that down and see what I can get out of it.

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God sake, this so realistic man. How are you doing this?


Wow, this looks really good. Do you know when you’re gonna be finished with it so I can play the game?

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Practice and a little bit of magic :joy_cat:

I’d like to see this MAGIC.

Should be done in within a few days.

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Wow, I’m really amazed on how realistic that looks. Keep it up!

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This is definitely on the level of realism but i wouldn’t say it’s a new level of realism but it’s definitely very well done.

It looks good, but to me, it isn’t really realistic? :man_shrugging:

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Yooo that cool, I love the tree

I wonder if u can teach me how to make good tree xd

by the way nice creation u got there mat :wink:

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So the server is open and I expect the game release later today or tomorrow if you want to join Xaey Studios

You can join the server and hit me a dm Xaey Studios