New Logo Design || Feedback Needed


Hello Developers! I am TheVenomousDove. I am trying to get feedback on my recent logo design to find if it is much clear than my last logo design. Again, I am not the best digital artist, but I believe this can be something.

About The Logo

Unlike the other logo, this one is a test, not for a real game. I am trying to achieve a modern but clean style. I am very proud of my logo, but before I make more of these, I want to hear the community’s opinion. It would be very much appreciated if I can receive constructive criticism.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. And as always, keep developing!


Oh my, That Looks Great! Keep it up!

You could add more to the backround but other than that it looks brilliant

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@KrampusX12 Its Just The Logo, But Thats Good Feedback if He Forgot!

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Maybe instead of the poka dots for the word “Roblox” you should add maybe some sugar cubes instead?


I wasn’t trying to achieve a background, but thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

That’s is good feedback!
Thank you :smiley:

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Maybe make it a little brighter?


It could be your brightness, or I can be wrong. Thanks for the feedback.

Add a bit more to the background, such as a kit hopped up on sugar if the game is about sugar. Add some blur and it would look great!

Great job other than that! Maybe add something like a lollipop next to the logo for extras. That way if you have items in your game that can’t fit the entire logo, you can just use the lollipop part.

Hope this helps!

Again, I wasn’t trying to achieve a background, but thank you!