New Lowpoly emergency Truck

Feedback on my New Lowpoly emergency Truck


I like this a lot!

I feel like I would see this in like a military type game.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I don’t really like the back of the truck, but in general it’s pretty cool.
Try to modify the back and put the back wheels more attached to the truck.

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I love it! I also really like the grass realism!

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Looks great!
It’s really nice. It has a legendary look and more.

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The light reflected of the headlights of the truck on the grass is awesome! The tires also have nice textures

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Thank you!

this type of comments makes up my mood I appreciate that so much!!

I understand your point but this back is what I have imagined and it might look tiny but it’s just the view of the render makes it look weird and ty for the feedback!

Thank you so much!
fun fact that I didn’t use textures for the tires

Thank you, I appreciate that so much!

Oh, What did you use? They look too realistic