New Lua VM doesn't support custom MicroProfiler labels or script names

I just spent over an hour looking through MicroProfiler dumps for custom labels I created using debug.profilebegin() and I couldn’t find them. It turns out, because I was using the new Lua VM, this information was obscured and the custom labels I was looking for were replaced with things like $Script and $UserToken, effectively making debug.profilebegin() useless.

Dump with the old Lua VM:


Dump with the new Lua VM:


Because the Label field is unknown with the new Lua VM enabled, it appears to default to the Timer field for the custom label name.


I just tested this in Studio and the labels work as intended with new VM.

Keep in mind that there’s a finite supply of labels, and while later frames (to the right in the profiler) would almost always have up-to-date data, earlier frames might get their label data overwritten - in which case you see “??” in the label text.