New Map Gui For Plane Game

I am Currently Making a Plane game but i couldnt figure out my friends Map Script
So i am looking for someone to Make the gui and script it.
The payment will depend on The Gui (5k-10k)

Must have

  • Nice images
  • And make it easy incase i add another island i can just add lets say a sensor and it will display it on the gui
    -Have small planes on where the users are


Why did you just repost the exact same thread, rather than editing your original post?

Don’t make duplicate posts. The other post is perfectly capable of containing the discussion.

Sorry :frowning:

Does it need to be scripted?

Do you have any examples that you’d want it to look similar to?

Yes it does need to be scripted
id like Your user to have a plane in the guyi and that it displays every other player in it and on the Islands it displays Like a mini airport

are the islands made of blocks or roblox terrain



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