New math.round() function missing from Math page

The new math.round() function recently released is not documented in the math page here:


Still no update on the function math.round() at the moment for the past week? I really want to take notes and learn about what math.round() does in the documentation, waiting for a while now ever since the Luau recap of this month.

^ Even when you search for it on the Developer Hub or anywhere for math.round(), no result as the only way to find out what it does is the Luau August recap a week or two ago.

Hoping that a staff member who adds and edits the Developer Hub sees this topic and adds it to the math API Reference document.

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Thing is, math.floor(n + 0.5) (or math.ceil(n - 0.5)) are faster than math.round when benchmarked lol…

This is because math.round is doing more work than math.floor and math.ceil

math.round is equivalent to
return n >= 0 and math.floor(n + 0.5) or math.ceil(n - 0.5)

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Looks like it’s been added


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