New medieval sword model

Hey there! I have been away from this platform, or I guess the developer forums for a long time now, but I’ve decided to come back and share a new model I made last night, I was pretty happy with the outcome ( I use blender ) I am aware the blade needs to be changed, I messed it up a tad :sob:.

Feel free not to hold back with constructive criticism!


It’s a niche nitpick that I don’t think anyone would complain about in-game but a tapered grip (as far as I can tell from the screenshot it’s thinner at the bottom) with a pommel not much wider than the butt of the handle seems like it would be slippery to use and a risk of losing the sword while swinging that much weight

That’s pretty detailed. The tapering around the handle looks nice, and so does the blade. I can see the spots where it’s slightly darker on the blade and I think that adds some great detail. Nice model!

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