New Members access (DevForum Overhaull Suggestion)

Hey there!

I remember back when i wasn`t in the DevForum like a year ago i was desperated to share my new discoveries on how to do new stuff in the building and 3d Modeling methods, but i had no place to go other than the DevForum so applying was a really stresfull process just waiting months until you get a reply, and i know that there are so many devs out there wanting to do the same and now that they can post in the forum without all the mess of waiting process they will be really helpful.

But the forum somehow needs to get a lot more organized, it is really exhausting to look at new posts nowadays and making a difference of those trying to share useful stuff and those who try to troll or simple posts for simple questions which some of the most experienced devs can reply to (Which deserve a subforum so it doesnt interfer with important Posts)

Thats why i suggest a re-do to the devforum website something like what POLYCOUNT and ARTSTATION Do, it would be a lot easier to flag the bad posts and take a look at the really interesting posts from the most skilled devs.

What are your thoughts on this suggestion?

I can’t tell what you’re trying to suggest?


Oh sorry! my english is not the best.

Basically what i suggest is to try to make the website design a lot more like Polycount or Artstation (I feel like Polycount would be the best example).

How would you do that for the dev forum, something that’s almost entirely text based?


Are you trying to say re do the Devforum to something else?

The website design

sorry about this,

How would you redo the web design of a text-based website to that of an asset-based website?


Not just assets, but pics or some other way to represent the Posts in a more organized way, its just my thoughts.

How would you do that when most topics don’t have images and just text?

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Well maybe the character of the member, or some other artistic way to do it, and when they do upload images or gifs they could show up like that.

The DevForum uses a premade hosting so I doubt that it’ll be possible.

That sounds like a really ugly design for a forum, it would make the titles and text less readable.

Discourse has the ability to create custom themes without altering the base code, so it would be possible.


Ah, ok. Never used Disclosure to create my own forums so didn’t know about that. Thanks for correcting me :slight_smile:

ArtStation basically just shows Skilled Devs work first, or this case, Members+. So rather than showing latest first on the list on the thread it would be members+ posts

What specific features do you want from those websites? Do you want more sorting options, or do you want more image based posts?

I doubt Roblox would redesign the entire website considering they didn’t actually design it, but perhaps they would consider adding new forum features if you showed some measurements of what they’d have to gain. Perhaps this forum even has plugin support to reduce the initial costs?

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I don’t really think making posts picture oriented would be a great idea considering only half of the ranges of development involve images when there’s stuff like scripting, composing, etc, I don’t see how those would play into the image oriented posts (i might have missed the point lol)

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Is it really fair to let a moderate to decide what’ll be interesting for the entire community? Wouldn’t that be more along the lines of personal preference?

I dont think it would be that way, an image oriented posts would make it easier to spot trollers or bots, but the preferences would still be up to all, it would be a lot more than just image oriented posts tbh, like tags for each preference and a lot more of things but i dont really think their are gonna go as far as making another web page for a forum (Considering they arent using their own website but another company forum services)

There’s a drastic difference between a forum board and a website page solely based on sharing/showcasing projects.