New menu for Nar Shaddaa's "Redux" update

Just completed work on the new main menu for -Galactic Empire-'s Nar Shaddaa “Redux” update!


The skybox doesn’t really “support” your UI theme currently. It’s hard to read text. Partly because it’s small, but partly because the background colors (skybox) swallow is up in some areas.

I like the premise, though. I think increasing text size a bit, 0.7 TextStrokeTransparency, and a lighter skybox will help this shine.


I think you should have two font-styles max. The SciFi, SourceSans, & SourceSansBold is throwing me off. Perhaps for buttons and labels use SciFi font, but for titles like “NAR SHADDAA” use a custom font and upload those are images (if you’re willing to put that much effort in). Otherwise, you could just use SourceSans entirely and use SourceSansBold for titles or important text.

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