New models and collections are visible on profiles without Add to Profile

When I created new models, Models has been added to my profile in Creations tab. This bug only occurs in profiles on the Creations tab.

In Models there is an option Add to Profile instead of Remove from Profile.

After Adding to Profile and Removing from Profile, it isn’t removed from my profile.

Other players who are on my profile can see all new models (and published packages) that are on my profile.

It should be that when add models, it should not be visible in profile and should be removed after using Remove from Profile. It’s the same after adding packages. It happens with every model when it is published to me.

It’s the same with Collections and I think removing from profile doesn’t work or automatically gives it and you can’t do anything about it.


This is also the same case with newly uploaded shirts.


I can confirm that this is still an issue. It is annoying that I am unable to remove certain models from my profile.

Is there any official statement about this issue?

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If I remember correctly, if you have at least one explicitly-added model on your profile, all the others go away.

Yep. I’m correct.