New Nimblz Statue In-Game

Since Nimblz has gone away from the Developer Community and no-body is trying to make new updates for the game, I am going to attempt to.

Quickly checking the rules, would it be ok if I insert a statue of a play in-game (eg Nimblz). You don’t have to answer this, I was just showing the statue and getting input for ideas. Also, if you don’t mind, do you have any ideas on what I can add to the game.
(Sorry if it is cluttered :sad:)


I don’t see how this could be a problem if it’s a civilized memorial feature.


Thanks for your reply! :heart: I’ll add it in-game now!


As a friend of Austin, (Nimblz) I believe it is completely fine. Also you should change some of the wording in this, as you worded it as if you have team create in his game, please clarify it’s an inspired game of Eg. Thanks.


Ok, thanks for your suggestion! :heart:

This seems really awesome and cool, I don’t see any problem in doing this, good luck! :yellow_heart:

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Thank You For Your Clarification!

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