New Nostalgia Tycoon game Feedback

Been a while since the last topic, but this time I have something interesting.

Currently been working on a project of mine and wanted you all to test it out :smile:
It’s basically a cliche tycoon game called Nostalgia Tycoon, allowing you to unlock classical weapons, pictures, and battle others on a battlefield.

:confused: I don’t think the game is honestly that bad, but so far it’s had no visits since release (late may). Icon and thumbnails aren’t terrible so that’s why I’m stumped. I’m relatively new to marketing games, and I can’t really advertise it since I’m broke atm :sob: (and sponsoring games is still really buggy). That’s why I’ve came here for some feedback on what I could improve :white_check_mark:

here’s the link: Nostalgia Tycoon [RELEASE🎈🎉] - Roblox :sparkles:

Do you think this game could gain a solid playerbase? :eyes::balloon:

  • Yes
  • Ehh, maybe… just maybe…
  • Probably not?
  • No

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I really like your game! I joined in 2016 so I wasn’t around for a lot of the older features but based on other projects I’ve seen I can tell that there is some great attention to detail in your game! I honestly think the only reason it hasn’t blown up is because the market is pretty saturated and people looking for a classic game are probably going to click on the first thing that comes up in their results. Your best bet is to advertise in a way that gives your players a direct link like a social media post. Good luck!