[NEW] Olympia Lifting Simulator [BETA] [FEEDBACK] [IDEAS]


I’m the Head Developer / Founder of Polar Entertainment, a recently founded game Studio company on ROBLOX!

I’m here to ask for feedback and suggestions on my new game “Olympia Lifting Simulator”
It’s my first ever ROBLOX Game so I expect criticism and a lot of bad feedback.


The game feels a little incomplete without any animation to the action. I would recommend adding a simple animation for lifting and then perhaps some tweening of a +1 gui to indicate a new point in the strength. These can help give the game a little more life!


Thank you, I’m going to add an animation but haven’t got the time to do it and the +1 idea sounds great, thanks!

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Ummmm first off it looks a little barren and it re-joined me which I assume is used for more visits. if so stay away form that method

I don’t know what that is, It doesn’t seem to generate more visits whatever it is though.

I’m still trying to figure out what it is

I’m going to add more entertainment and make the surroundings more alive.

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It’s also happening even on my baseplate test game, it’s a bit weird.

The game definitely appeals to me at start, but when I joined and took a look, not so much. The User Interfaces seem quite plain, the map is extremely small, there are no animations, it has no thumbnail, no backround music, and worst of all, it leads you to another game before joining your game. Let me tell you, there is no “Faster Roblox Loading” by joining another game first. It actually slows down the process. If you fix all these problems, you may have a working game. :slight_smile:

Incase theres a script in a part of a plugin like you said.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Animation for tool - It is missing the animation and it seems empty
  2. Pop-up Gui - Whenever the tool is being used, a gui pops up and it tells you how much the player gained
  3. Sound for tool - when the tool is used, a sound should play for excitement
  4. Map is too small - make the map bigger, add decorations like trees, bushes, rocks, stones, paths, etc.

The last thing is to add a shop or some sort of upgrades that the payer can gain by progressing.

To be honest this game seems very similar to the popular weight lifting simulator. With this being said, some things from the weight lifting simulator can be used for ideas and references.

This happens a lot when creating games, games are usually based on an idea or another game. Looking at another game or playing it can help give you ideas or references.

Currently, the issue from my perspective seems to be the similarity between weight lifting simulator to this one. This means you are going to be competing for over each other, so you should ask yourself why players should be playing your game over another. Is your game better? Does it have more features? Is it engaging?

When making games similar to another that already exists you should be prepared for the worst where you can not compete with the competition.

Also, it seems like what needs to be said has already been said above in terms of game content.