New Original Pet Game!

Hello everyone! A game me and a group of developers has been in development for a few months and we made the idea of raise a floppa, but like a different game completely. (2) Pet Parenting - Roblox :arrow_backward: Play here if you want to check it out! We just want some simple feedback! :smiley: Try to be constructive! Thanks!
Pet Parenting


Interesting game…
If you’re taking suggestions then I would recommend making the game easier to play, like making a tutorial or something.

For sure! Yeah, I totally agree 100%! A tutorial for sure. What exact aspect of the game should be easier?

I think that in general having a goal in mind for the player to complete is helpful, so when I say make the game easier, I’m mostly just referring to making it easier to navigate things and just making it better for the player to understand.

For sure, just because we totally didn’t dump 10k into ads today, we will make the hunger go down slightly slower.

I played the game, You should turn off collisions for the pet I found that you can just push the pet around and if you squeeze the pet against a object it gets flung around the room although the game is very nice.

Yeah it’s very sad that people dislike the game so much. Everyone dislikes but like no one has given direct feedback on what is wrong. I thought that would be a funny feature like say the pet got stuck on something you could touch him and he would go flying. But I can change it for sure.