New "Overwrite" button only works once per studio session

The new overwrite feature which can be accessed in studio by File> Publish to Roblox To… > Update existing game… only allows you to overwrite one place, trying to overwrite the same place or any other place after this (within the same studio session) is not possible since the “overwrite” button gets grayed out. This bug just started happening, as the new panel was released in the live version of studio. This is happening in a group game with team create turned on.

Repro steps: Navigate to the panel I mentioned above and overwrite to any game. Once you do this, go back to the same panel and try to overwrite any game. The overwrite button is grayed out and you cannot click it.

I’m attaching a screenshot to show the button grayed out.


I also seem to be having this problem as well. This even happens with Team Create turned off.

Other things to add, it isn’t just the “Overwrite” button, it is also the Create new place button, and regular Create button when making a new game. It seems to happen when either one of these is clicked once. A way I was able to bypass the “Overwrite” button was to just click the publish to roblox button.

Hope this gets resolved soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the past 3 days, I haven’t even been able to publish a local file to a main place period. The overwrite button grays out and studio services such as datastores are enabled. What’s weird is that the place says it failed to publish yet I can still access the same data you can find in the main game.

I’ve been working in a local file for the past 3 days, so far i’ve heard nothing from Roblox :frowning_face:


This is an extreme annoyance for our team and I. Not being able to publish anything is always a problem. I really hope this is fixed soon because I have to constantly reopen studio just to publish a fix.


The “Overwrite” button is greyed out and you can’t click it if you’ve already uploaded to the selected place slot. You have to close studio and re-open it to fix it. This is very annoying as I usually make changes from a Team Create and then upload to the non-teamcreate place using this interface.


Having same issue when trying to overwrite with a local file to a existing place inside a game, and trying to overwrite a team create. I keep getting this.

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Also it would be nice if we could select multiple places from the list of places in a game to overwrite. Some games that make use of multiple places work by having the same place file published to every place in the game.

We’ve identified the issue for the button grey-ing out after the first overwrite and will deploy a fix.


This is really annoying! I had to safe a game file because it failed to save (another bug in itself) and publishing from file to overwrite any other game , just , doesn’t work! However, instead of anything graying out, It just opens the place, instead of overwriting it. A fix which worked for me is to publish as a new place, then publish to the place you want to overwrite, however this may not work for you

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I always have to close and reopen the team create session (of my dev place) in order to publish it to the live place. That’s what works for me.

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Apologies for the delay, release should have been shipped today. Please let me know if you still encounter any issues

I’m having some issues with this as well. I chose to overwrite an existing place, clicked the button ‘Overwrite’, but I check the existing place, and the changes are not made. If I attempt to do this again (like this developer said) it will turn into gray and won’t let me overwrite it.

This is still broken. My overwrite button is still often grayed. It’s very very annoying to have to reboot studio to publish to another place. I’m not sure exactly when it happens.

For example, I’m able to publish to a place, then randomly it grays out the next time. Or I successfully publish to 2 different places in a row, then sometimes it just grays out when I try again a few minutes later.

Selecting a place like this;

will just result in a grayed out Overwrite button, as if nothing’s selected.

Update: This seems to be reproducible after you run game:SetPlaceId(placeid) in the command bar. This is annoying because I don’t want to have to publish my game in studio just to check/edit a datastore, like removing a cheater from a leaderboard. I also don’t want to re-download the game from the cloud to do this either.

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Hey Maelstronomer,

We have been unable to reproduce this on our end. Can you please send us any log files, or shows us any information by messaging this group:

Please send as much information as possible:

  • Log files
  • Repro Steps
  • PlaceId
  • UniverseId
  • UserId
  • Date & Time you experienced the issue
  • Output Errors

I know it’s a lot, but since we are unable to repro, we want to as much information as possible. Thank you!

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Here’s a 100% repro

  • enter game:SetPlaceId(162537373) (or your place ID. has to be same place ID you’re overwriting in the next step) in command bar
  • attempt to overwrite place with publish window
  • actually doesn’t overwrite it. does nothing.
  • attempt to overwrite place with publish window
  • overwrite button is grayed out from then on, this studio session

Another side effect of the bug is the Create button in the same spot is also grayed out

placeid: 162537373
gameid: 77610935
date: april 10 2020 5:56 pm est
userid: 487805
silently errors
log_DBF32_1.txt (13.3 KB)

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Hello Maelstronomer,

Thank you for the detailed reproduction steps and it really helped us to find and reproduce the issue. We are submitting a fix and it will be deployed in a future release. Apologies for the delay in addressing the problem.


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