New Paste Command Options for Faster Workflow

This update seems to have broken Command + Shift + V.


This prevents me from using “CTRL+ V” or “CTRL + SHIFT+ V” in Studio.


I’ve had this issue myself for at least the past few days…wasn’t sure what changed or caused it, but thought something was up. Thanks for confirming it!

Add translation also for these commands.
I’m Japanese and quickly noticed it was not translated!

Same here! I even restarted my PC.

It used to work perfectly, up until a certain time period where I noticed it stopped. Within the last 2 years I’d say.

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My favorite shortcut is now gone, Rest In Peace…

Everyone is saying that CTRL + V isnt working? It works for me? Am I doing something wrong to reproduce it?

No, CTRL+SHIFT+V is the one not working.

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Oh, okay then, Just tried and yeah its broken.

Ctrl + Shift + V isn’t now the only shortcut that has been affected by this:

Alt + P
Shift + Alt + P
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + C

What did you guys do to our lovely key binds :C

Except your keyboard is poltergeisting…

My keyboard is fine, these key binds do work in other apps

Thank God, I thought this was an issue with my keyboard.

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shift+ctrl+v got broken, i can only use it after i rightclick


This is menu in my perspective.

Can confirm, same for me aswell.

I’m glad it wasn’t an issue with my keyboard.

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Hi All, we’ve reverted this change. We are fixing the control+shift+V hotkey for “Paste Into” and will bring this feature back soon.
(We’ve investigated and don’t believe that any other hotkey issues, or any copy/paste issues from closed instances of studio, were caused by this)

I will post an update here when “Paste At Original Location” is activated again.


Hi Everybody,

The two new commands have been reinstated, and this time all the old hotkeys should work as they did before.

Sorry for the mixup,


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